2nd Annual BMW Club Veteran Riders International Campout

Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:14 pm by vetbmwrider

April 26-27 2013
Come join camaraderie of the 2nd Annual BMW Club Veteran Riders International Campout on Perdido Bay at the KOA campground, 116650 CR 99 Lillian AL 36549. Tent camping is $32 a night plus tax (mention the code Veteran Riders get one night free tent camping only) to reserve your camping space call (251)961-1717 to make your reservations other amenities regular rate. There will …

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1st BMW Club Veterans Riders Campout Overview

Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:11 am by vetbmwrider

1st BMW Club Veterans Riders Campout Overview
On Friday the weather report did not look promising for those who were riding to the campout, rain was on the news report. For those individuals that were able to arrive on that day and braved the storms that flared up in the surrounding area, upon the arrival they were met by the friendly park staff of Historic Blakeley State Park who caused his own …

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April 25 MOA BOD Meeting

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April 25 MOA BOD Meeting

Post by vetbmwrider on Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:52 am

The April 25, 2009 MOA BOD meeting

I would like to thank are members that sent me questions to ask the BOD, this BOD meeting did turn into a slug fest when the question was asked as to how much money is the MOA going to reimburse Nate Kerns because he now a MOA Ambassador and a professional motorcycle racer. Before I could finish the rest of the question all the MOA Ambassador started to make statement like we don’t get reimbursement for being Ambassadors. Some of you may think that I poking the fire but members where asking the same question that I had. The main question was how is the MOA going to decide what and how they are going to reimburse him for because of how he make his living and this could be a questionable part of him being an Ambassador and could this be a way of sponsoring him as racer. I would like to point out that I do not follow motorcycle racing but I do recognize the importance of racing to the motorcycle community and do wish any racer the best of luck. So I am going to list the evidence to back this question.

Taken from the MOA Bylaws:

Section 5. Reimbursement Members of the board of directors, members of BMW MOA, employees of BMW MOA, and other individuals may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in providing services for the benefit of BMW MOA, provided such services and expenses are authorized in accordance with policies and procedures that may be established by the board.

Taken from the MOA Forum:

What is a BMW MOA Ambassador?

by Lynn Munro | August 14 2008

To gain an understanding of what it means to be a BMW MOA Ambassador, one might begin by studying the list of Ambassadors…. To proceed in this manner, however, invites confusion insofar as the individuals in question often seem to be as different as day and night. A better starting point may well be a standard dictionary. An ambassador is defined as an "authorized representative" and this, perhaps because of its vagueness, reveals much about the function and purpose of BMW MOA Ambassadors.

Years ago, when rallies were few in number and membership was small, elected officers were expected to and did attend almost all events sponsored by affiliated clubs. In time, however, the number of rallies increased and this became impossible. Meanwhile, membership kept increasing and the need for contact and communication rose accordingly. As a result the Board initiated the Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program was conceived as a means of recognizing and making recognizable those who had demonstrated their wholehearted commitment to BMW MOA and their willingness to serve in whatever capacity they could. Those who have been awarded Ambassadorships are, in some ways, akin to shock troops. They are highly experienced and capable members chosen for their ability to promote BMW MOA and to foster a spirit of camaraderie among our members. In addition to serving as official representatives at various functions, they act as emissaries on the road and in their local communities. They are also conduits through which Board decisions are communicated and explained to members, and through which member's ideas and reactions are channeled to the Board.

While some of our members seem to believe that they could serve BMW MOA better were they appointed Ambassadors, the vast majority of those who have been selected had been performing Ambassadorial duties long before they became Ambassadors. Few of them actively campaigned for the title, and most have reacted to notification of their appointments with a combination of pleasure and surprise

To offer a profile of the typical Ambassador is an impossibility.
Those who have earned the designation have done so in countless ways. Some have come to the attention of the Board through their involvement with National Rallies, while others have earned local distinction and have been nominated by their peers.

Still others have become heroes of the road, and have earned a reputation for spreading good will and offering assistance whenever and wherever they could. While many are active in local clubs, others
appear to be congenital outriders. Some are mechanical wizards who
spend much of their time repairing disabled bikes, while others become almost apoplectic when handed a screwdriver or a wrench.

Despite these and other differences too numerous to mention, all of the Ambassadors have been active in promoting BMW MOA and rendering service to the organization and its members in their own unique ways.

Just as it is impossible to provide a profile that will fit all Ambassadors, so is it impossible to cite the myriad contributions made by any or all of this noteworthy group. While they are not Ambassadors Extraordinary [Ambassadors assigned to specific missions] in the technical sense of the term, they are indeed a remarkable group. To those of you who know them, I need say no more. To those of you who don't, I can only say take some time this season and make their acquaintance. You will never regret it.

A part of an email with Greg Feeler Vice President of the MOA:

The BMW MOA always pays for any authorized expenses, just like the
examples you gave - so yes, as long as it's agreed in advance that
those kinds of things are part of the job. We don't expect
volunteers to pay to volunteer. ;-)

Put your ideas down in writing and let's talk more on this. Thanks
for considering this.

- Greg

P.S. You have a typo in your return email address. Your original
message said
mljohnston1@bellsout.net - should be "bellsouth.net".

We were discussing volunteer positions for the regional coordinator position.

From these 3 pieces of evidence I asked that Question because the Ambassador are Volunteer positions. The main answers was no he was not going to reimbursed but even that was questionable because of what happened next during the break.

During the Break I pulled aside by the Ray Zimmerman, Executive Director and asked in a demanding way to give him the list of the names of the individuals that were asking these questions, because he would like to talk to you. So The Individuals that submit me the questions if you feel like communicating with Ray please give him a call. I still will be a sounding board for the group if you do not want to come forward.

As for rest of the Board information:

If you are taking an ERC class at the MOA Rally this summer the Cost is $80.00 and half will be returned to after you take the class so the cost is still $40.00. This was done because of the many of no shows who signed up for the course last year at the rally

For you West coaster an event may be heading your way, when is the question.

Most of everything else was the norm for the board except you able to watch it live and see or hear me get my ass chewed out by the BOD for asking questions.

Michael Johnston


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